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Our Story

Centerline | Financial was founded in July of 2016 when Armagost Financial and Brodine Financial merged. The job of naming the new firm fell to Jeremy from Armagost Financial. Jeremy was a pilot before becoming a financial planner and noticed a similarity between flying and financial planning.

When first learning to fly, he started off with a little airplane and a big runway (lots of room for error). There were so many variables to keep track of he was just happy to put the plane on the runway regardless if it was left, right or way down the runway.

The flight instructor said something that stuck with Jeremy the rest of his life. He said "You've got to stay on centerline. You've got to land exactly where you want the plane to land. There won't always be room for error."

To land exactly where you want to, you've got to make lots of little corrections all the way down the flight path to avoid having to make a big correction at the end.

Financial Planning is the same; a series of planned, decisive, and iterative adjustments, so you end up where you want to end up without requiring an overly bold correction at the end.  A smooth landing, on speed, and on Centerline.


The complexity in our financial lives can prevent us from making clear, confident decisions.

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Wealth can open the door to the things that will bring us fulfillment.

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At Centerline Financial, we're committed to helping our clients turn their goals into reality.

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