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Centerline Financial

Centerline Financial

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Why Choose Us?

At Centerline Financial, we're as proud of the trust our clients place in us as we are of helping those clients to succeed. What sets us apart? Our ability to listen, our expertise, and our commitment to doing right by our clients and neighbors. 

Simplify to Succeed

Our modern lives are financially complex--and it doesn't help that our wired world continually bombards us with financial information. We help to clarify your financial situation and objectives so that you can work confidently toward important life goals. From getting a handle on your finances to saving for college or retirement to planning your estate, we show you the way.

Experienced Guidance

Our team is led by Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional Jeremy Armagost and Steve Brodine. Thanks to our extensive training and years of experience serving clients, we're equipped to help you navigate even the most complex financial matters.


Centerline Financial works with an independent broker-dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. That means that unlike big Wall Street firms, we face no pressure to recommend proprietary products. We are free to choose the very best strategies for our clients' situations, and we are committed to doing the right thing for you.